Equipamentos de Elevação - Rádio Comandos

Approved multifunction system used to radio remote control hydraulic machines.

  • 12V or 24V version;
  • available for the most common types of valves (Hawe, Pwm, Danfoss, Voltage, etc);
  • with STANDARD configuration, for CRANE or PLATFORM mode, or customizable according to customer specifications;
  • control box MAXI or MINI, with linear joysticks (1 axis) or cross joysticks (2 or 3 axis);
  • up to 8 proportional functions and 10 on/off functions (transistor driven);
  • outputs protected against short-circuits;
  • can be connected with a second unit for the activation of additional proportional and on/off outputs;
  • with approved radio transmission on 12 different channels;
  • activate only the outputs selected by the operator (less system wear and prevention of unwanted manoeuvres);
  • fixed electronic parts resined for maximum environment protection;
  • speed sets can be programmed separately and independently;
  • available version for concrete pumps.

Note: currently the 2nd generation of radio remote controls Rc400 (G2) is only available with Danfoss outputs.
Soon will be available also with outputs for other modules.

Included parts

  • Control box (MAXI or MINI)
  • Receiver with antenna
  • Emergency stop button (auxiliary)
  • 2 batteries
  • Batterycharger 12V/24V
  • Belt
  • Serial cable
  • Documentation

TX MAXI technical data sheet (English)
TX MINI technical data sheet (English)
RX G2 technical data sheet (English)

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